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The Freshest Coffee in Connecticut! Visit our Cafe in Vernon CT:

520 Hartford Turnpike Suite #O 

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We welcome you to visit our new location in Vernon, CT. We’re now serving Fresh Hot Coffee, Iced Coffee, Nitro Cold, Espresso & other Coffee Products. 


Take our Freshly Roasted Coffee home to brew at your own convenience. Our Coffee is Roasted Daily and is now available in Ground or Roasted Bean packages.


We now have an Online Store as well. Order our Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans or Ground Coffee by the pound and we’ll ship it directly to your home. 

Vernon Coffee Roasters Cafe

today’s cafe menu:

Hot Drinks:

  • Regular Coffee

    (S) $1.99 (M) $2.49 (L) $2.80

    Simple hot coffee, made fresh.
  • Cafe Americano

    (S) $3.27 (M) $3.99 (L) $4.50

    Our house blend hot coffee, a popular favorite.
  • Pour Over Cafe’

    (S) $3.00 (M) $4.00 (L) $5.00

    One of our favorites, our Pour Over Cafe' is a great choice.
  • Cappuccino

    (S) $3.99 (M) $4.75 (L) $5.25

    Single espresso shot w/ hot milk, topped with foamed milk.
  • Mocha

    (S) $4.50 (M) $5.25 (L) $5.75

    Hot mocha coffee.
  • Espresso

    (Single) $2.25 (Double) $3.00

    Single hot espresso shots.
  • Cafe Latte

    (S) $3.99 (M) $4.75 (L) $5.25

    Espresso, steamed milk and a layer of foam on top.
  • Hot Tea

    (S) $1.25 (M) $1.75 (L) $2.25

    Fresh Fragrant Hot Tea
  • Chai Latte

    (S) $4.50 (M) $5.25 (L) $5.75

    Our Chai Specialty Latte, a new fan favorite.
  • Turkish Coffee

    (3oz) $3.00

    Brand new to our cafe, try our Turkish Coffee today!

Cold Drinks:

  • Iced Coffee

    (S) $2.50 (M) $3.25 (L) $3.99

    Our popular House Blend Iced Coffee.
  • Iced Latte

    (S) $4.50 (M) $5.25 (L) $5.75

    Iced Latte Coffee
  • Iced Mocha

    (S) $4.75 (M) $5.49 (L) $5.99

    Our customer favorite Mocha, Iced.
  • Nitro & Cold Brew

    (S) $4.50 (M) $5.36 (L) $5.76

    Nitro powered nitro or cold brewed iced options.
  • Macchiato

    (S) $4.50 (M) $5.25 (L) $5.75

    Nitro powered cold brewed iced coffee.
  • Iced Tea

    (S) $1.99 (M) $2.50 (L) $3.19

    Iced Tea for the hottest of summer days!
  • Iced Chocolate

    (S) $2.99 (M) $3.75 (L) $4.25

    Our popular Iced Chocolate is the perfect indulgent treat!
  • Iced Chai Latte

    (S) $4.50 (M) $5.25 (L) $5.75

    Our new Iced Chai Latte, poured over ice.

*NEW* Specialty Drinks:

  • Golden Spice Latte

    (S) $4.75 (M) $5.50 (L) $5.99

    Maple Sauce, Turmeric Syrup, Espresso shots, Milk, Cinnamon Powder
  • Honey Lavender Latte

    (S) $4.75 (M) $5.50 (L) $5.99

    Honey, Lavender Syrup, Espresso shots, Milk
  • Blue Moon Latte

    (S) $4.75 (M) $5.50 (L) $5.99

    Dark chocolate Sauce, Brown Sugar, Espresso shots, Pumpkin Spice cold foam
  • Peppermint Mocha

    (S) $4.75 (M) $5.50 (L) $5.99

    Dark chocolate, peppermint syrup, espresso shots, Milk
  • Apple Cider Latte with Caramel

    (S) $4.75 (M) $5.50 (L) $5.99

    Apple Cider, Caramel syrup, espresso shots, Milk.
  • White Chocolate Mocha w/ Caramel

    (S) $4.75 (M) $5.50 (L) $5.99

    White Chocolate sauce,Caramel syrup, Espresso shots, Milk
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte

    (S) $4.75 (M) $5.50 (L) $5.99

    Pumpkin sauce, espresso shots, milk.

Cold drinks: Small 16oz / Medium 20oz / Large 24oz.
Hot drinks: Small 12oz / Medium 16oz / Large 20oz.

drink add-ons:


ADD EXTRA PUMP – Add $0.35

Alternative Milk – add $1.00  

Cold Foam – add $1.50  

Pastry / Baked Goods:

  • Muffins


    Blueberry & Chocolate & Cafe Cake & Corn
  • Danish


    Raspberry & Almond & Cheese & Apple

Bagels & Breakfast Sandwiches:


Breakfast Sandwiches now available!


(Bacon/Egg/Cheese, Sausage/Egg/Cheese, Egg/Cheese)


NEW! Bagels with Cream Cheese.

We now have Plain, Sesame or Everything Bagels available.

We have Plain, Veggie or Raspberry Cream Cheese.

Stop by today to try our new breakfast options!

Click the button above to place an order for PICK UP. 

We sell Coffee by the pound (Fresh Ground or Bean).
Visit our menu page for today’s selections.

We now accept Online Orders!

We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.00.

Vernon Coffee Roasters has my favorite blends. I recommend their House Blend ground coffee. Iced coffee is great too.


Best coffee in Vernon. I'll be a morning regular! Thanks guys.


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